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notice how Russel T Davies saw his companions as women

and Moffat saw his companions as girls

I think that says a lot

Not to mention that the Doctor named Amy/Clara whereas Rose/Martha/Donna earned their titles.  It’s a subtle distinction because, technically, Amy “earned” her title by being a girl who did wait, but it’s the impact of these monikers that’s troubling.  Rose became the Bad Wolf when she ended the Time War, Martha became the woman who walked the Earth after saving the planet, and Donna was the most important woman in the universe because she saved it.  Both Amelia and Clara have been heroic and saved people, but their titles don’t reflect that.  Their titles reflect who they are to the Doctor—not who they are as individuals.

Very good point! They lose their autonomy when the Doctor becomes the decided factor in their titles, instead of going out and earning them for themselves. 

(Source: valyrria)


SOOOoo i’ve always wondered what ratatosk from ToS2 looked like as a summon spirit, when he isn’t assuming aster’s form. so i decided to design one myself! since i’m silly, i also did a fake cut-in for ain soph aur. yeah! i had a lot of fun incorporating all the centurion cores into the design, as well as emil’s knight of ratatosk color palette. i could have gone with a more human-like design, like celsius, but then i was like, naaah, ratatosk’s a freakin’ squirrel in mythology. haha

idk if you guys like ToS2, but yeah.


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